oh sweet friday // vol 28

this week…

peep this…

haunting + weird + beautiful – mark ryden

obsessed!  {that pink jumper is to. die. for.}

styled 4 ways – the maxi skirt

i have so many diy’s lined up…why not add another?!  thanks, rachel!

srsly one of the best style posts i’ve seen in a long time.  {it’s old-ish news, but i’m still loving.}

mother/daughter style.  love these two girls.

roguecarts.  it’s fun.  and i encourage participation.

my bff has a fabulous diy blog – howdiy – currently, she’s calling all pin-addicts to share their favorite diy and/or handmade boards via pinterest!  for more details, click here

happy friday, kittens.


2 thoughts on “oh sweet friday // vol 28

  1. Rogue Carts is pure genius. A voice for all those out there whose pet peeve is abandoned and misplaced carts ;) You do the maxi skirts justice. I’ve never been able to pull it off..too short I guess hahaha Mark Ryden is pure awesomeness! Great links

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