mother’s day weekend

saturday evening, we went out to dinner with my dad and stepmom – taylor wore a collared shirt and zoey danced on the table.  they make me so proud, those two.  my heart swells with love. 

sunday morning we were up early…eating pancakes and heading to the rose bowl flea market before 9 am.  taylor bought a tacky vegas clock, 3 garbage pail kids buttons, and a deck of mad magazine playing cards.  i love that kid.  again, with the heart swelling. 

i purchased two vintage dresses and mark found a mustard yellow vintage t-shirt with a screen print that says – “the world’s greatest mom.”  amazing.  i told him i may cut the collar and he said, “you can’t.  they don’t make thick banded collars like that anymore.  this shirt is legit vintage.”  soooo…we’ll see. 

but the best part of the day wasn’t the ginormous brat i ate or the golden 3rd degree sunburn tan on my arms…it was when taylor and mark went to the movies and zoey went to bed for the evening.  the house was quiet.  i painted my nails, watched my shows…and felt a little lonely.  i loved having some time to myself, but i totally miss my peeps when they’re not around. 

love them. 

 it was the most perfect mother’s day weekend, ever.


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