denim shirt – william rast for target // maxi skirt + bracelets – local boutique // sandals – dv by dolce vita // sunglasses – old navy // purse – vintage, thrift // watch – michael kors

yesterday was a good day. we did a little shopping and then drank wine. i mean, there were other things in between, but the wine drinking was most memorable. as i’ve mentioned, mark and i are on this 21 day diet. the first 4 days consisted of drinking specific shakes and then soup for dinner. one snack a day. for example – a mozzarella stick wrapped in a ginormous piece of lettuce. i know, right? thing is…it was delicious. you’ll eat just about anything when you’re starving.

but we made it through the first 4! high-five. now we’re on day 6 and things are looking up. yesterday we had a quinoa dish for breakfast, a shake for lunch and pork + peppers for dinner. wooooo! protein. we’re allowed a glass of wine a day or a handful of grapes. hahahahahaha. a handful of grapes. whatever.

anyway, the wine was delicious.

and today! i’m headed to the spa to celebrate a good friend’s bday. massages and pedicures.

can’t wait.

happy sunday-ing.


10 thoughts on “5.20.12

  1. Really, I wanna know WHO is choosing the handful of grapes over the glass of wine. Also, if you have really big hands, does that mean that you can have a bigger class of wine. Important details.

  2. oh my goodness, that diet would be so hard for me. Props to you!! And LOVE your maxi. I got a similar one a few weeks ago and I live in it. You look beautiful!

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