topanga vintage market

we are totally on a flea market kick and i love it!  it’s proving to be a great way to spend a sunday morning/afternoon.  fresh air, treasure hunting, ice-cold lemonade, people watching… and although we may get a little sunburnt and our dogs are barkin’ after several hours of walking, we’ve left with some pretty dope finds.  {see the last two photos.}

are you planning to attend any flea markets this summer??

here are a few tips before heading out…

1.  in the summer months, it can get hot out there!  make sure you’re dressed for the weather.  light clothing and layers.

2.  don’t forget sunscreen, a hat, and your sunglasses!

3.  don’t dress too fancy…you don’t want to appear like you can afford a $20 vintage dress while you’re bargaining to only spend $12.  know what i mean?

4.  make sure you wear comfortable shoes!

5.  bring cash.  many venues offer an atm machine, but i’m sure the fee is ridiculous.

6.  take your own water and snacks.  typically, these events have food/beverage tents, but the prices are crazy.

7.  purchase a cart or take a backpack – for carrying your goodies!

8.  map out parking ahead of time – that shit can get bananas.

so yeah…that’s my two cents on flea market-ing.

have fun!


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