oh sweet friday // vol 31

this week…

my kids cracked me up, i consumed more coffee than usual, and i began preparing for a major shop update.

and here are some things i am loving…

apparently the zombie apocalypse is upon us.  call me crazy, but this is both terrifying and exciting at the same time. 

heading out west anytime soon?  i just love this visiting blogger’s “must see, must do, must eat” list for the la/hollywood area.  i live here and couldn’t have written it better.  rad photos, too. 

i have a crush.  she makes me want big curly hair and tattoos.  and a pair of half booties. 

check out all these drool-worthy recipes!  they look so easy and delicious and i believe a lot of the ingredients are via trader joe’s.  score!  {ps.  mandy not included}

LOLs.  {dear annie.  more, please!!}

this diy is adorable.  and what a great way to teach your little toddler host/hostess-in-training how to set a table!

father’s day is just around the corner!  looking for gift ideas??  check out my “man things” treasury on etsy. 

oh and happy june 1st!


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