i just wanted to mention that zoey says ooooh and uh-ooooh and makes this cute “o” face while doing so // that she says bye when she waves, but she can’t say her b’s, so it comes out as dye // that she points at everything // that she claps at the end of her baby einstein video – or when she’s excited // that she’s been throwing both hands up in the air and laughing, like you would if you were on a roller coaster // that she says mama // and that last night, when she woke up screaming her face off – she only wanted me.  i was the only one who could calm her down.  she put her little head on my shoulder and sniffled and mewed like a kitten.  it was precious. 

i think we’re going to be best friends. 

ps.  speaking of moms and daughters…i’m guest posting over at reverie, today.


8 thoughts on “ooooh

  1. I just might have to stop following you. I am SO jealous of some of the things Zoey does! I know Aida will get there, and I\’m sure there are probably things that Aida does that you would be envious of, but still.

    • oh april, stop it! zoey doesn’t eat like aida – and yes, it makes me wonder what i’m doing wrong! also, we don’t co-sleep. oh how i WISH zoey would fall asleep on me. :(

  2. Seriously. That photo is beyond precious and it’s interesting to hear about the bonds of mother and daughter already! I don’t have the mom gene in me, but I can understand how special it must be for you when she wants you and does all these amazingly cute things like her “oooh” face. SO CUTE!

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