last friday

blouse + bag + shoes – urban outfitters // top + jeans – local boutique // necklaces – rose bowl flea + clyde’s rebirth

{i wore this outfit last friday. casual friday.}

most days, i wear trousers and a blouse to work. borrrriiiiing. other days, i get fancy and throw on a dress or a skirt and flit around the office like i’m a woodland fairy. on those days, i have every intention to get home and have the husband snap a few photos in the amazing late afternoon light. but what i want to happen and what really happens are two different things. usually, i pick zoey up from school and she’s cranky and clingy, hungry, and in desparate need of a bath and a tranquilizer. cue: tshirt and sweat pants. i always hold onto a little bit of hope that once she’s asleep, i’ll slip back into my adorable outfit; however, wine and couch always win – my cute outfit long forgotten.

so that’s why i rarely have weekly outfit posts. in case you were wondering.

about the outfit…i really love this one. lately, i’ve been making an effort to mix and match more…colors, patterns, textures. things that don’t go are my fave. and not to say that this outfit is genius, but for me…it was different. more colorful, more interesting. i’m glad zoey was able to hush her fuss long enough for me to share it with you.

plus…i’m wearing a clyde’s rebirth necklace, by merl. oh, you don’t have one? hmmmm.


6 thoughts on “last friday

  1. I seriously am in love with this look. This is something I would wear every day! Now I want that bag, those shoes and that yellow cardi (is it lace?). Just pinned this for future inspiration :) Happy Monday!

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