the style // 7.8.12

tank – marshall’s // skirt – target // purse + belt – vintage, thrift // sandals – aldo // hat – ?

{like the diva that i am, i had a wardrobe change mid photo-taking.}

so here i am, blogging about sunday on tuesday.  sunday was nice – while mark spent the day at the golf course, zoey and i stayed indoors where it was cool.  we made a trip over to goodwill in an attempt to buy other people’s crap, but left empty-handed.  later that evening we had us some delicious bbq, followed by frozen yogurt.  i like these easy summer days…

yet here i sit…my nose running like a faucet, mouth-breathing like a mo fo.  being sick in july is stupid.

fingers crossed for a speedy recovery.

ps.  have you entered the beep clothing giveaway?


11 thoughts on “the style // 7.8.12

  1. love this stripes and pretty coral together! and you’re right. being sick in the summer is like a kick in the face. NO FUN. hope you get better!!!

  2. You’re like me ginger twin from across the country (not for long!)…I’m battling something too (and the kids as well). I had no idea such things were possible…sick in the summer? WTF! Get well soon, beautiful!

  3. your hair is getting so long!!!!!! :)
    And i love this outfit. but put some sunscreen on woman!! (that may have caused the cold, i get sick after sunburns sometimes)

    • it is…annoyingly long. i’ve been contemplating a cut…
      anyway, i LOVE that you pointed out my burn. it was actually a lot worse than it looked.
      apparently i didn’t get the memo that redheads should wear sunscreen. ;)

  4. totally digging those brights on you! such a great summer ensemble to beat the heat. i hope you have found a speedy recovery! summertime sickness is seriously the pits!

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