my first mudrun – 2009

this may come as a surprise to you, but underneath the vintage dresses and wavy red locks is a tomboy, just waiting for an opportunity to play in the mud or push a boy to the ground.

that being said, i thought i’d show you another side of me – the more athletic side. growing up, i played basketball, softball,volleyball, ran track…nothing significant came out of it, but i loved being sporty.  and up until a few years ago, i was running 3-4 miles 5-6 days a week, working out regularly, entering 5ks, hiking 2-3 days a week – i was in the best shape of my life.  these days…finding the time for those activities can be difficult.  lately, i’ve missed the endorphin rush, the feel-good feeling after going on a run or finishing a race…

going thru these photos makes me miss that tomboy, sporty side of who i am…and of course, my tight-er ass.

in 2009, before they were so huge…my friend stephanie and i entered our first 5k mudrun.  it was so much fun!  if you haven’t done one, i encourage you to grab a group of friends and get muddy!

i still have this tank – it’s hanging up in the garage, like that old nasty tshirt your husband refuses to throw away.

we did another mudrun several months after, but it was hardcore!  harder obstacles, more people, more mud…still fun, though!

i’ll share more “sporty paige” soon!



6 thoughts on “my first mudrun – 2009

  1. Oh I love “sporty Paige”! I’ve never heard of a mud run before. I’ll have to check if we have them in Canada. Or better yet, maybe I can travel to San Diego to run one :)

  2. Duuude. I am totally signed up to do the tough mudder thingy in September, and kindof losing my shit stressing about it. It’s very exciting for me to read that you have some experience and (fingers crossed) tips to get me through. Or train for it. Or whatever one does for a muddy obstacle run. I love that you have a tomboy side. :) we need a freaking weekend woman. So many things. :)


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