oh sweet friday // vol 33

hooray for friday!

look:  for the dog lover, for the mamas, for anyone who loves diys, recipes + fashion – and it’s my new fave, so please check it out.  ps.  i know the sisters behind the blog – they are both so creative and lovely – you won’t be disappointed. 

fashion favorites:  cropped, fringed, tulle-d

follow on instagram:  tomorrow_emily – this girl has mad photography skills. 

also:  ramona west is closing!  everything in the shop is on major sale!   

happy weekend!

ps.  i’m so proud of rogue carts.  if you’re on instagram, check out #roguecarts – together, we’ve gathered over 100 photos.  fist pump.


7 thoughts on “oh sweet friday // vol 33

  1. Awwww shucks Paige! I just snap photos of things, you’re making me blush! Thank you so much for the nice words :)

    And yes, happiest baby photo ever! you need to print and frame this one. Or put it in your wallet and pull it out when you feel less than happy.

  2. that pic is maybe the best thing in the whole world. and thanks for the link love :)
    and that fringe top’s double might be making it’s way to a closet near me very soooooooon.

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