dress + bag – vintage, thrift // wedges – toms // belt – anthropologie // sunnies – old navy

i felt so “vintage” yesterday.  what with the sock bun and vintage-y dress.  truth be told, this isn’t like me – a dress and wedges on a saturday?  no plans, but to run errands?  no.  i’m pretty much a jeans and t-shirt gal.  so this was a stretch for me.  a good stretch though, as i’m trying to break away from my “go-to’s”.

just as i was feeling comfortable living outside my box, we ran into an old coworker and her husband.  i hadn’t seen her in a while, so we chatted about zoey, her kids, the weather, etc…she asked me about our move to IL and her husband says to me, “well it looks like you’re dressing the part.”

“dressing the part” ??  the only conclusion i came up with is that {some} people who don’t venture away from the west coast often, still think the midwest is stuck in some leave it to beaver time warp.

i suppose i should sharpen my cooking skills and learn to say “yes dear” like i mean it.


8 thoughts on “7.14.12

  1. Witty, I thought the look you well. Some people just don’t an appreciation for the vintage or retro…. Well you won’t be seeing her in IL. Good riddance. ;)

  2. Ahahahaha. Oh growing up in Indiana, this is too funny. Half true, half not? Ha. And you look do cutie!

  3. Ridiculous! I love the look.

    When we moved away from NYC, and told our vet we were moving to Maine, she told us to “make sure to trim your dog’s toenails.. you know, since he won’t be walking on paved roads any more.” Yup, we’re getting electricity and indoor plumbing soon too!

  4. What a joke! I think you look fabulous and I would wear that in a second (however, I’m from the Midwest, so I most likely don’t know my pinky toe from my left eyebrow)!

  5. I think I missed that you are moving to IL! YAY! Ah, um, in my experience Illinoisans are just oh-so-stylish ;) You’ll rock it here, in vintage or not.

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