crochet + denim

crochet top – marshalls // bralette – american apparel // skirt – nordstrom // bag – vintage // necklace – clydes rebirth // sandals + sunglasses – aldo

zoey and i are headed back to IL tomorrow.  deep breath.  normally i’d be pumped, but this time i’m a little stressed and apprehensive.  i’m terrified that zoey will be the child from hell.  that she’ll do that back arching thing the entire flight.  that she won’t sleep.  that peekaboo forest just won’t cut it.  terrified.

SO.  today i need you.  i need your advice, thoughts + tips for travelling alone with a little baby.  for example, what’s the best seat for us – aisle or window?  got any good app suggestions?  pull out the big guns, ladies.

{our red hair and blue eyes can only get us so far…}

okay, GO!

ps.  pleeeeease enter ashley’s giveaway.  please.  it ends today.  thank you, kindly.   


13 thoughts on “crochet + denim

  1. I used to travel between CA and IL all the time with my son when he was a baby (and we often brought the cat with us too—not recommended). I always preemptively apologized to the people sitting around me incase my son decided to be that horrible screaming child everyone loooooves on flights. Worked every time. Even if he cried or was fussy, my seat mates would try to entertain him or calm him down, even hold him! I guess this is not really advice on how to get a baby to be good on a plane, more of a way to get the rest of the passengers to have some compassion. :)

  2. I find isle is best seat. That way u have easy access to get up anytime with baby. There are changing tables in the bathrooms on airplanes so sometimes I would take my son in there just to stretch my legs! I uploaded like ten different apps so he didn’t get bored. Also of u can use a sling or a stroller in the airport l, do this! Being hands free is a must and anytime u can avoid putting your baby down in a gross Germy airport is great. Lots of hand sanatizing wipes for your hands and her hands. Snacks, drinks, and you’ll be there before u know it!

  3. Def window. And bring plenty for her to drink (it will help her ears). And, pray she falls asleep! Good luck!

  4. i have traveled with Lily from miami to portugal twice. the first time she was not quite 1 and hello, almost 12 hour flight. so, i prefer window seat cause i can always show her clouds and let her play with the shade. some people prefer isle cause they can get up and walk around. i hate doing that cause i’m an awful flyer myself. i bring snacks, coloring books, coloring pencils, reading books, stickers and movies on the computer. i always pack a “new” something that will get her interest and make the flight a little more special to her.
    good luck and safe travels!

    oh! and i always bring a change of clothes for the both of us just in case

  5. I don’t have children so I can’t comment on traveling with a baby, but I just really wanted to say that you are DROP DEAD GORGEOUS. I’ve never been so envious of someone’s hair before. Safe travels and have fun!

  6. You look so fabulous, Paige!! Love the pop of pink under the lace shell! I NEED a top just like it, what a glorious layering piece! And best of luck with traveling – hope it’s smooth & your little cutie pie is a happy little camper! xo veronika

  7. Gosh you are so pretty!! :) I don’t have any good advice either but I know you’re already in IL and I hope everything went ok! I just wanted to pop in and say your hair is beautiful!!

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