saturday morning.

oh how i look forward to saturday – sleeping in, enjoying a cup of jo at my leisure, reading a book on the patio, getting my nails done, doing a little shopping…

um…in my dreams, maybe. that hasn’t happened in at least 48 weeks and 2 days. and her name is zoey.

sleeping in? not a chance. this girl is an early riser. that cup of jo? oh it’s enjoyed, but it’s an ice coffee by the time i can actually sit down to have a few sips.

it may sound like i’m complaining, but really…our new saturday arrangement isn’t so bad. i end up getting a lot of things done while the boys sleep in. not to mention zoey and i bond – we watch baby einstein and hang out – just the two of us.

take this morning, for example – zoey went to bed last night around 5:15 pm {don’t even get me started on the fact that she hadn’t had a nap since 12:30!} and was up at 4:15 am. i wanted to be in the middle of a nightmare when i heard her squeaking over the monitor, but no…it was reality. mark was already up, but he was leaving for a work event. as soon as i rubbed the sleep out of my eyes, we got up and started moving. within 45 minutes the dishes were done, dishwasher unloaded and loaded, z had her breakfast, i started the laundry and i made a pot of coffee. i felt like super woman. and it’s still so early. zoey will be down for her morning nap in about 20 mins and i y g bvh bg6yh {thank you, zoey for your input} as i was saying…she’ll nap, i’ll refill my mug and i’ll try to catch up on as much project runway as i can. btw…what’s with gunnar? he’s obnoxious.

anyway, gotta go…zoey is getting inpatient and just made a beeline for the stairs.



5 thoughts on “saturday morning.

  1. Oh yes, I do miss the Saturday mornings to myself… but there is something to be said for water on the go over a leisurely cup of jo. :)

  2. AHAHAHAHAHA. I was sitting here reading your opening paragraph thinking, “What kind of arrangement does she have?!” And I also love Z’s input. Rest up during nap time, lady!

  3. Oh, you’ve captured what those days of being a young mama were like so well. The first year of each my daughter’s live always felt long a long, sleepless dream to me.

  4. id be the crankiest bitch in north america if I had to get up that early on a Saturday.
    But kudos to you for making the best of it :) I imagine that cute little redheaded baby makes it better.

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