a pretty big deal

top – urban outfitters // skirt – target // sandals – aldo // belt + clutch – vintage, thrift

a year ago this weekend, mark and i attended the malibu arts festival – 1.  to enjoy the event itself, but 2.  because mark was in desperate need of a job and a friend of mine {who was working the event} knew of a sales position with the malibu chamber of commerce.  as we walked up and down the aisles, admiring the work of local artists and businesses, she explained the position to mark – he’d be in charge of ad space and membership sales, also acting as the executive director’s right hand man.  sounds good…we’ll take it!  in a matter of days, the job was his.

flash forward to this weekend…long story, short – the previous executive director was let go and mark is now “acting” executive director.  this year, the arts festival is his event.  my husband is the boss.  and i am so unbelievably proud of him.  he’s worked long hours, late nights and although we haven’t seen him much this weekend, the event appears to be a big success.

and there are perks to being the boss’s wife – like not paying the $10 parking fee….

yeah, i’m a pretty big deal.


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