malibu arts festival

i thought i’d share a few photos/highlights…

the food trucks.

what is it about eating food out of a truck?  and why is food truck food so much more inventive and delicious than restaurant food?  also, how many times can i say food in one sentence? 

clockwise:  grilled pork banh mi with basil lemonade from the nom nom truck {pretty much the most delicious thing i have ever put in my mouth} // slap yo mama soul food truck – mark had the po boy // feta fries from george’s greek truck – i also had the lamb gyro…ohmygodsogood // and taylor mowed down a snickerdoodle + red velvet ice cream sandwich from the cool haus dessert {?} truck

the art + other things.

aside from featuring artists, sculptors, photographers and jewelers, the event hosted several local businesses, as well – from animal shelters to the local csa.  there was so much to see!  but if taylor could drive, i would’ve spent most of my day wandering between the food trucks and the beer + wine garden.  wandering, stumbling…whatever.   

and in an attempt to support these incredibly talented artists, we made several purchases – a dream catcher to hang above miss zoey’s crib, a ring for me and art work for taylor’s room. 

clockwise:  dream catchers + other earthy people things – like stones and feathers and arrow heads // amazing wooden chairs // tea and spices

the people. 

from left to right:  my friend stephanie’s brother, kenneth, with our girls // the boss man and part time rice field worker, mark // and me…in my floral pants.  because if you can’t wear floral pants at an art festival, where can you?

ps.  10 minutes after we arrived {on sunday} zoey threw up all over herself and her stroller.  being mom of the year, i neglected to bring a change of clothes – because every time i do bring a change of clothes, we don’t need them.  such is life.  luckily, she was covered in sunscreen, so she spent the day nearly naked.  of course, several people inquired if she was wearing sunscreen, you know…because she’s a red head and so fair.  really?!  i hadn’t noticed. 

and then there was taylor…he was only happy when he was eating ice cream, spending my money and making fun of me in the parking lot…they may want to consider more kid-friendly activities…

all in all, we had so much fun.  and i’m super proud of my husband for doing such a great job. 

i hope you enjoyed my little recap. 

thanks for stopping by!


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