sometimes i get it right.

top – anthropologie // pants – target // vintage coach bag – garage sale // wedges – thrift

i’m not one to buy a specific item or wear a particular trend just because it’s “trending” – for example – yes, itty bitty short shorts are in, but that doesn’t mean everyone looks good in them.  including me.  so i have spared you.  you’re welcome.  however, when floral pants started making the rounds, i just had to.  i mean, who doesn’t want to draw attention to their short, stubby legs?  but in all seriousness, it has to be done right.  the first go – a green vneck tshirt and off white wedges – not so much.  it just didn’t flow.  but this…this is good.  and props to my husband for making me look like a bobble head.


10 thoughts on “sometimes i get it right.

  1. haha you don’t look like a bobble head, you look hot! Love this.
    p.s. get him to shoot the photos from a lower angle, it will make you look taller ;)

    • thanks, lady! btw…he usually does! he was in rare form that evening. (he thinks he’s getting really good at giving me suggestions and whatnot…it’s funny.)

  2. You look great in this look and I don’t know if you noticed but you always match your beautiful hair to the colors of your outfits. Or maybe you hair just matches with everything you wear! ;)

  3. Short stubby legs? What are you even talking about? When you come here, I WILL SHOW YOU short stubby legs. You, on the other hand, are GORGEOUS. Amazing. Knocked it out of the park.

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