guest post // sarah of reverie

*hello, friends! i’m in chicago! please enjoy this guest post from my dear friend, Sarah. she’s probably the sweetest girl I know AND she’s a phenomenal writer. please check out her blog – reverie.


I’ve been reading Paige’s blog for a long time. In the beginning, we would comment back and forth, for a while. Then we started emailing. Now we even text and call and vent about the frustrations of mommyhood and the Internet and the world. I’m so happy to consider her a friend.

And the thing about Paige, the thing I thought even before I knew her personally and saw her only as a popular blogger, is that she’s always been so real. In some ways she’s like me and in some ways we’re totally different, but it’s always been just that. Laid out, plain as day. “This is who I am.” That’s an inspiring woman to get to know. It’s inspiring in fashion and in living a cute life. It’s an inspiring and encouraging thing to find in a friend, for sure.

But more than anything, for me, I’ve been inspired by the realness with which Paige takes on being a mom. We’ve seen her handle the pre-teen years with grace; we’ve watched Zoey grow from a fluffy newborn into a perfect nearly one-year-old; and all the while, Paige has remained herself.

I’m always amazed by how some people—people like Paige–just take things in stride. I’ve never visited this blog and been tricked into thinking that Paige somehow has a perfect life that’s only cupcakes and vintage bikes. (Though when she has pictures of those things, to die for, right?!) No. This is a woman who has to go to a job and who sometimes has to get up far earlier than should be humanly allowed to tend to a baby and who even sometimes can feel a funk like all the rest of us can. She’s shown us all of that. But how Paige just keeps her cool about everything, that’s what I love. She seamlessly morphs from one facet of life to the next, calling it what it is, and then just doing it.

You see, I’m a wallower. And I’m a processer. And I’m an over-emotionalizer. And sometimes I let those things get in the way of everything: of trying to be myself, of being a good mommy, of finding my sense of style and who I am. That’s why being friends with Paige is so refreshing. She gives me something to aspire to! And while I probably will never be able to always keep my cool and while I probably will always struggle with hiding pieces of myself, I take pride in knowing someone as cool and confident as Paige.

And I just thought she should know that.

Outfit Details:
Top: GAP maternity
Shorts: Motherhood maternity
Shoes: Target
Necklace: Silver in the City boutique (in Indianapolis)
Couch (because I always get asked): Macy’s


5 thoughts on “guest post // sarah of reverie

  1. Amazing that a friendship has developed from blogging! Rare bond and I’m very happy to hear of such friendships. :)

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