checking in

oh hey friends!  just checking in.  yesterday afternoon, we arrived home from our totally awesome, much-needed trip to the windy city.  the wedding was so fun!  in fact, my throat is still scratchy from sing-yelling baby got back at the top of my lungs {yes, i do know all the words} and my body is still sore from flinging it around and calling it dancing.  unfortunately, i’m in a funk – wavering between “aaaahhhh vacation” and “uuuuhhhh reality” – and reality is winning.  we came home to a leak under the sink, a house that’s in desperate need of cleaning, piles of laundry, back to school preparing, doctor appointments and baby birthday planning.  so. much. stuff.  as soon as i get myself organized, there will be lots of fun things to look forward to on the blog – photos, style posts, food sharing, my thoughts on a few things and a possible shop update.  oh and… remember when i had that giveaway?  the one that only seven people entered?  well…i’ll finally announce the winner.  {sorry…it slipped my mind.}

i do hope you enjoyed my guests while i was away.  the diy was pretty rad and sarah said some nice things about me and i didn’t even have to pay her!  

i’ll be back tomorrow.


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