oh sweet friday // vol 36

tshirt – nordstrom // skirt – vintage // sandals – zara // necklace – flea market // coach bag – vintage, thrift

cheers to friday!

i think?

i rec’d a call from zoey’s daycare around 2:30 – “hi, can you come get her?  she has a temperature of 102.” um…let me think about it…YES.  i’m not sure if she’s teething or if she caught a virus.  her temp came down a bit after a shot of medicine and a nap, but she’s still a little warm and just not…zoey.  thing is – i’m starting to feel a little under the weather, myself.  which cannot happen this weekend!  it’s the weekend before her 1st bday party – i have a shit ton of things to do!  fingers crossed i can talk my body out of getting sick.

have a happy {and healthy} weekend, friends!

{no links this week…sorry!}


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