chicago trip // day two

bummin’ around:  top + sandals – zara // jeans – joe’s // clutch – thrift

saturday was rad.  no alarms, no kids, no plans, no interruptions.  we did what we wanted!  and what we wanted was to sleep in, watch a movie in our room, grab a chicago dog, see some sites and take a nap.  pure bliss.  

day two:

1. breakfast at grahamwich!  {why yes, that IS a bacon-topped maple bar.}
2. chicago dog!  my first one ever.  it did not disappoint.
3.  the bean

stay tuned for the wedding post!


8 thoughts on “chicago trip // day two

  1. I love that you rolled your jeans here. I always wanna bring a pair that works with heels but then they end up being too long for flat. Rolling them would be the obvious solution but I can never decide if it looks right or not. It definitely does on you.

    And, by the way, isn’t doing whatever you want the absolute best?

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