chicago trip // the wedding

the wedding!  it was amazing.  every little detail was perfect – the venue, the ceremony, the ambience, the food, the music, the people – it was probably one of the best weddings i have ever been to.  becky – you nailed it, sista.

gorgeous bride, eh?  we’ve had a pretty solid, knuckle-bumping friendship since freshman year of hs.  becky is my constant.  we have the kind of friendship that can make it through anything – college, boyfriends, breakups, babies, new friends, moving to new states/cities/countries {she’s currently in australia}, new jobs, drama, secrets, drunken nights out, etc…we can go for weeks without talking, but as soon as we do, it’s as if no time has passed at all.  i love this girl. she’s dope.  and her husband is a cool dude, too. they are perfect together and i couldn’t be happier for them.  it goes without saying that i was absolutely thrilled to be apart of their day.  when she asked me to stand up in front of all of their friends and family and give {do?} a reading, i accepted.  and so, with a full heart and tears streaming down my face, i read a love poem by garrison keillor.  tears!  right now, as i write this!  i’m such a sap. 

anyway, i thought i’d share some photos!  unfortunately, our camera broke.  so all were taken with my iphone.

dress – calvin klein // pumps – bcbg generation

such a good night.  afterwards, we all went out to a bar, but somehow a few of us got separated from the group {apparently the aussies couldn’t get into the bar, so they went to another.}  we managed to hail a cab back to the hotel and stumbled to our room.  i was starving – so we ordered a pizza from room service.  30 minutes later, we awoke to loud knocks on our door and the phone ringing.  we passed out while waiting for our food!  epic fail, as my son would say.  the next morning, i woke up with a fuzzy head and pizza sauce all over my sheets.  classy.

next up – the last day of our trip and our one year anniversary. 


3 thoughts on “chicago trip // the wedding

  1. Fun! Love the vibe of your besties wedding! The poloroid photo collage of good times is an awesome shot! Love your blog :)

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