i’m pooped.  so pooped that now i’m under the weather.  tired, congested…blah.  who knew planning and having a one year old’s bday party would be so taxing?!  and she didn’t even understand what was going on!  she sat on a blanket and ate leaves.  i bought her a delicious cupcake and she ate leaves.  ah well.  

i should have photos in a few days.  and no, i’m not one of those parents who hired a photographer for the birthday party.  our two good cameras are broken, my iphone was playing dj and i knew i wouldn’t have time to snap photos, so i asked a friend’s sister if she wouldn’t mind.    i’m so pumped to see them! 

until then, here are a few vague party snaps and one too many photos of our sweet little one year old.


1. napping with her best pals
2. preparing the party favors {until 1 am.  nbd.}
3. this chick, overseeing party details.  she walked around the garage, swinging her arms and barking orders.
4. the lovely laura of mystics + mint made this adorable sign for us!
5. zoey + her pal, dexter.  they were born a week apart.  we met his parents in our labor and delivery class.
6. party over, but party balloons still partying.
7. helping daddy “zoey proof” the house.
8. bathing in the big person tub!  she was a little unsure of what to do.  she sat on one foot the whole time.


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