oh sweet friday // vol 37

skirt + vintage coach bag + scarf – thrift

first of all, what’s with zoey being a scene stealer in her neon bicycle shorts?  she needs to quit  photo bombing and get her own blog.

in other news…FRIDAY!  and a long weekend to boot.  what are your plans for this last hurrah of summer?  we’re going to a chili cook off/carnival, taking a trip to ikea {giddy!} and relaxin to the max.  i may try to squeeze in a mani/pedi, as well.  so have a good one!  but before you go, i’d like to share a few things…

moms, if you’re a fan of the peekaboo app series {we’re obsessed}, then check out the new version – peekaboo fridge!  it just came out today!  zoey is going to lose her mind. 

i’ve been a fan of meiko for several years, but lately, she’s my go to.  i just love her voice – it’s different.  take a listen

i want a pair of these in every color. 

diy leather belt curtain ties.  why am i never the genius who comes up with this stuff?! 

living in a teepee in a field/forest, while wearing a floral crown, while wearing overalls, while getting my face painted, while eating fish and chips, then bathing in a stream…never looked so freaking amazing.

adoring this – my better half.

i’ve been digging on some new {to me} blogs – avant blargh / quality rivets / what is reality anyway? / wolf&willow  {i’m almost always late to the who’s who of the blogging community, so you may already know about these ladies.}


10 thoughts on “oh sweet friday // vol 37

  1. you and z are just too damn cute lady. have a great weekend, i am spending this long weekend visiting my parents, hurley and going to a fair… which basically means I’ll be stuffing my face with any meatless fried food I can get my hands on. donuts and onions here i come!!

  2. You both look great! And thanks for the introduction to Meiko, I’d never heard of her before but now I’m listening and really liking her!

  3. My kids will not stay out of a picture if they know one is being taken. Even if the photographer is a total stranger trying to get a scenic shot. I have to sneak out of the house with my tripod while they nap. Or just have adorable photobombers, too. :)

  4. Love Meiko—and the Peekaboo apps. Requested Peekaboo forest last week on my work iPad (since we’re reading “The Kissing Hand”).

  5. like this outfit. i promise you, i know nobody.. so, know that you will always be cooler than me for many different reasons!!xx
    the babe is too cute and having 2 gingers on the blog is so amazing.

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