weekend snaps

skirt – marshall’s // bag + belt – vintage, thrift

remind me not to go back to the flea market until november.  it was so hot, i was sweating in places that i don’t even let my husband know about.  i suppose it was worth it though, as we found our new kitchen table {see below} and a few other home goods i was hoping to find – a macrame plant hanger, some new “art” for our bare walls and a set of pyrex containers for succulent planting.  we weren’t successful in finding the right desk or a bar cart, but the search is not over…i’ll keep you posted.  but don’t sit on the edge of your seat for too long. 

in the meantime, here are a few instagram photos from our weekend…

1.  grabbing  life by the…lemons.
2.  palm trees against a bright blue sky.  #nofilter
3.  rose bowl flea market
4.  happy baby
5.  our new kitchen table.  so pumped.
6.  a view from the shade
7.  our other finds
8.  zzzzzzzz


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