gossip girl

yes, i know…i’m a little late to the party.  but i am obsessed.   
i’ve never wanted to be a wealthy, manipulative, gorgeous teenager so bad in my entire life.   
when the show first started i was like – oh HAIL no.  i am not watching a bunch of rich kids run around manhattan having sex and boozin-it-up.  but 5 years later the style network started showing reruns and one night i caught the beginning of the pilot episode and then recorded the next two episodes and here we are… i cannot get enough.  this show is fun.  i watch it on my ipad way past my bedtime – episode after episode, i’ll turn it on as soon as i get home from work while zoey destroys the house.  this morning, i propped the ipad up on a shelf in the bathroom and watched an episode while getting ready.  i even went home on my lunch break to catch an episode while chowing on a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and tortilla chips.  it was so worth it. 
lucky for me, netflix has the first four seasons.  so…i’m booked up for a while.  leave a message after the beep.


{did ya see what i did there?}

ps.  who else is a fan??


8 thoughts on “gossip girl

  1. ADDICTED! I recently started watching about 2 months ago and buzzed through the Netflix episodes in 3 weeks. I felt the same way in the beginning. Another show about privelaged high school kids, no thanks. But I’m obsessed and found myself downloading Season 5 just because I needed a fix.

  2. Gurl, yes. That show is like sweet sweet crack, with hair extensions. I started watching the first few episodes a few years ago while my boyfriend was out of town, and the next thing I knew, the dog and I (and a bottle of wine) had stayed up crazy late watching almost the whole first season. A most awesome way to spend an evening by yourself. :)

  3. I could never really get into it. the blonde’s man voice is like nails on a chalkboard.
    i did occasionally watch a few episodes if I happened to catch it though. I’m not much of a tv person anymore but if someone gave me the dvds… i probably wouldn’t say no.

  4. I’m not alone!
    That’s exactly how I started watching. Nothing was on but the pilot episode on style and that was when I decided that yes, it’s vapid but I don’t care. Now when I’m by myself I watch each episode on Netflix.
    Feels kinda good to let that secret out.

  5. Welcome to the club. I’m Emily and I’m a Gossip Girl Addict. It’s amazing. Can’t wait for the new season. Up until last season I had never seen it and caught up in likt 2 weeks because of Netflix (pretty sure I called in sick at least one day to watch)

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