professionally speaking

blazer – nordstrom // top + pants – jcpenney // vintage coach – garage sale find

{worn yesterday}

most of the stuff you see me wear during the week is a reflection of work paige.  not to be confused with flowyskirtwearingbrastrapshowinghairhasntbeenwashedinfourdays {weekend} paige.  it would probably surprise you to learn that just 6 years ago i was wearing suits and blouses to work.  and btw, suit…should be a wardrobe cuss word.  i loathe them.  boxy, uncomfortable, restricting, stuffy.  several years ago, i got smart and business casual became my friend.  what better way to mix somewhat boring pieces {like the pants you see above} with an item i might wear on a date with my husband {cue floral blazer.}  there’s something to be said for looking profesh, while showing a little bit of your funky {weekend} self. 

happy friday!


6 thoughts on “professionally speaking

  1. I never would have thought of teaming polka dots and floral print together…ooooh it’s time to experiment *sneaks off to wardrobe to see what she can find*

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