hello, fall.

dress – everly via stitchfix // necklace – clydes rebirth // booties – old navy

finally…tights weather!  and although i’m not convinced we won’t have a few 90 degree scorchers before the month is over, i’m pumped that fall is basically here.  we haven’t turned the air on once this week and leaving the windows open at night provides us with the perfect amount of cool for getting cozy under the sheets.  of course, now i’m feeling a little pressure to get the fall decor out!  and whatever will we be for halloween??  it looks like i may have to take a trip on over to pinterest for some inspiration.


13 thoughts on “hello, fall.

  1. i kinda wanna hit you in the head with a baseball bat. in a good way of course….


    i already have to turn the heat on and it’s only early october. :'(

    remember tahoe? that will be the next 6 months here.

    If i win the lotto, I’m coming back to california this summer.

  2. I just love this outfit as I mentioned on IG (lilig78). I’m so excited that it’s colder- although we’re forecast for 88 on Monday here on the central coast, (I bet you are down there too!) so it looks like tights and boots weather won’t last through the weekend- ugh!!

    anyway you look super cute!!!

  3. Uhhh…I’ve been wearing tights for a while now. Maybe we can swap locales because I miss the summer…and the vitamin D. I think I need to move to California. I KNOW I need to wear lots of printed dresses this fall, just like this one :)

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