on setting an example

it’s hard to image that this time last year i was on maternity leave – learning the “new mommy” ropes all over again.  nap schedules, sleepless nights, figuring out what cries mean what, sore boobies…but we made it!  it’s crazy how quickly these babies go from sitting around and doing nothing to walking around, getting into everything…throwing their banana on the kitchen floor and screeching at the top of their lungs when you take the box of tampons that they’ve strewn all over the room out of their chubby little hands.  i mean, you’d seriously think i was murdering her.  but on the flip side, she’s so dang cute, you guys.  this past weekend, mark was out-of-town and taylor was only with us for one night, so mostly…it was a girl’s weekend.  we laughed and played, went on a long walk and gathered leaves…we watched gossip girl and danced to nicki minaj.  it was fun. 

while spending so much time together, just the two of us, i noticed that she’s starting to copy some of the things that i do – tapping her foot, trying to cross her legs, using similar voice inflections when she “talks”…it’s incredibly adorable.  and judging by the photos above, she’s picking up on other things too…like ridiculous faces…and wearing my bra around her neck.  huh?!  in all honesty, it’s caused me to take a good look at myself.  am i setting a good example?  do i act how i’d expect my mini me to act?  am i polite?  what words/hand gestures am i using when someone cuts me off on the freeway?  hmmmm…all things i need to consider and maybe reconsider.  i cringe a bit, because i’m not perfect and i know i’m going to make mistakes. 

at the end of the day though, my kids are great.  they’re friendly and sweet and have kind hearts.  they’re funny and silly and loving.  they might make weird faces and wear my bra, but i’m confident that we’re setting a good example of the kind of people they should grow up to be.

ps.  certain items may appear larger in the photo than they are in real life.


6 thoughts on “on setting an example

  1. Iris ALWAYS copies me. All of her expressions, her gestures–they’re mine! SCARY! But it’s Trevor she repeats. She repeats him in a way that she never does with me. He’s had to be really careful recently because she’s always copying whatever he says! AHHHH!

  2. I just love your comment about the box of tampons!! and the ps., classic!!! I think you’re doing a fine job with your little lady (and of course your son too!!) I mean, I’d be worried if she wasn’t wearing your bra around her neck- it’s a right of passage right?!

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