currently // october

middle of october already?!  dang. 

so here’s what’s happening in our world…

loving :: songpop!  my username is aka_paige…download the app and let’s play!

reading :: the claiming of sleeping beauty.  yeah, yeah.  i know what you must think of me – first the fifty shades trilogy and now this.  truth is, i’ve had the sleeping beauty set for years.  now that everyone is so interested, i thought i’d blow the dust off the covers and indulge myself.  and ps…this series is more graphic than fifty shades, so…you’ve been warned!

watching :: the questions is…what aren’t we watching?  from grey’s anatomy to the walking dead…we like a wide variety of tv shows.  yet another reason to love fall, eh?

thinking about :: tackling some of the projects on my “diy” pinterest board. maybe start with making these or doing this.  they look easy enough!  and perfect for this time of the year. 

anticipating :: the holidays.  we’re going to sit down this weekend and prepare a holiday shopping budget.  and to save money, i may take on a more “homemade” approach when giving gifts to friends and coworkers.  any suggestions??

listening to :: the xx – coexist // zee avi – ghostbird // niki & the dove – instinct

working on :: myself.  i need to make some changes in my life, but i can’t see moving forward until i change my mindset, take on a more positive, “can do” attitude.  i’ve become complacent and somewhat settled.  it’s time to shake things up a bit…challenge myself…raise a few eyebrows.  huzzah!

wishing for :: two tickets to paradise.  {admit it, you totally sang that line.}  i think mark and i need to get away…away from the hustle and bustle and stress.  we’d miss the kids, sure…but yes, away from them, too.  bora bora, anyone?  {le sigh}  oh and this sure is cute! 

happy weekend, friends.  i hope you’ve got something{s} fun planned!

ps.  photos taken via instagram.  my username is aka_paige if you wanna follow along.  :)


5 thoughts on “currently // october

  1. Yo, I love homemade food presents!! I think it’s especially great for co-workers, casual acquaintances, and family that I only see at Christmas. Pretty tins filled with a mix of cookies are one of my favorite gifts and they are very fun to make – the kids can pitch in too, so it’s a fun project in addition to an inexpensive present. I received a tin of homemade Chex Mix once, with two different flavors, and it was out of this world. I have a relative who cans, and she gives everyone jams, jellies, and preserves that she made. Anything that’s made with love is always appreciated, though, and much more fun to give!!

    (Although one time, I gave one of my paintings to a very good friend/co-worker of mine. He was a total hippie and really appreciated the painting – which was mostly abstract, very colorful, and based on the image of a woman’s jawline, bottom lip and neck. To my everloving horror, his girlfriend took one look at the painting and screeched, You gave my boyfriend a picture of a fucking tit?!?!)

  2. I read the Sleeping Beauty series in my late teens/early twenties- gulp, talk about an education! What’s even more embarrassing: my mom read them too! I blushed while I read it, but read every word! haha!!

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