denim + cords

denim shirt – william rast for target // cords – target // clutch – shelter protects you

honestly, my thoughts don’t run all that deep when i’m posting sartorial photos of myself.  i’ve been staring at the cursor, typing, deleting, staring, typing, deleting for the last hour.  after all that, only four things occur to me as i look at these photos:  1.  denim + corduroy = fall staples.  get some.  2.  it’s time for a haircut.  or at the very least…a hair brush.  3.  how flippin’ cute are my kids?!  4.  seriously.  how cute?

happy monday.


15 thoughts on “denim + cords

  1. Just thought you should know that last week I showed a couple of your blog photos to my hairdresser for bang inspiration, thanks! Your hair always looks amazing :)

  2. Love this outfit so very much!! and I love that it’s Target!! Those skinny cords are just made for you!!!!

    Your kids are stinkin’ adorable! and the no hairbrush pony tail is my weekend staple! If I don’t work my hair doesn’t see a brush and I’m a hairstylist- so you’re in good company!

  3. I was going to tell you your kids were cute even before you asked ;)
    And I would be ok if you never cut your hair. It’s beautiful. I want it!

  4. Love this denim shirt. Do I need another denim shirt and cords?! Yes, I certainly do… thanks to this post. First time commenting. Hi. I am Stacey of Oliver and Michele Productions. My husband Rick and I are working with your husband on web/design projects! Awesome Blog.. I am glad our men talk about our blogs so proudly! Nice to meet you.. virtually :)

  5. Shit. I totally glanced at all these pants at Target last time I was there. they had the cords in every color, denim, and even some weird levi’s off-shoot brand. I looked at them ALL, but then told myself that they probably wouldn’t fit right. WRONG.

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