pajama pants-ish

sweater – marshall’s // pants – target

…the closest i’ll ever be to wearing my “pajamas” to work. 

ps.  best pants.  totally different from these.  but also from target.  someone please keep me away from target.


9 thoughts on “pajama pants-ish

  1. I have a question for ya. I am a fellow ginger and grew up HATING my carrot top locks (I also hated Being called carrot top! Always explaining to every bully that a carrot top is not red….it’s green ya duche!). Sorry can you tell I’m a little scarred. Now that I’m more matur….turning 30 in January!!!!! I have learner to love my natural hair color. My hair stylist has found my first grey and plucked it out faster then I could comprehend what was happening. So dying my hair is the only solution I can come up with. I would like to keep it natural looking. And I think my hair color is about the same if not a tad more red than yours. So it’s about time I get to it with my question… you dye you hair?

    • hello fellow ginger! ugh…carrot top is pretty bad. however, i HATED being called pumpkin head! ew. my hair is not orange!
      to answer your question – no, i do not dye my hair red.
      although, i HAVE been a blonde, a brunette and a dark dark cherry cola-like red – it was almost black, if that makes sense.
      as i’ve gotten older (i’m 32), i’ve learned to appreciate my red locks and haven’t dyed my hair in several years.

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