the novice photographer

dress – stitchfix {also seen here} // sweater – thrift // boots – madewell

these photos were taken nearly 2 weeks ago.  when it was cold enough to wear tights.  and boots.  and a thick sweater.  i wore wool socks around the house and we added an extra blanket to our bed.  this week it’s warm.  i’m talking tank tops and ac.  but i’m not complaining.  i’m just looking forward to cooler temps.  you know…that thing called fall.

regardless of the temperature, we try to spend some time outside after work and school.  zoey runs around – eating rocks and collecting leaves, while taylor rolls around on his skateboard.  occasionally i have an outfit to share, but lately it’s been more about getting familiar with our camera.  there’s so much to learn!  out of 100 photos, we may only like 5, but in the process we’ve ended up with some great shots.  for example, i love that taylor is blurry in the background and that mark captures me interacting with miss z.  let’s be honest – candid shots are always better than photos of me…standing alone…against an ugly stucco wall.  plus, zoey makes some ridiculously cute faces.  they’re too good not to share! 

if you have any tips/tricks/suggestions for the novice photographer…do tell!


5 thoughts on “the novice photographer

  1. i love love love these photos!!!! mark’s photog skills are getting better all the time. and the candids are always so much better. they just show so much more of life :)

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