one of those sweaters.

top – jcrew // denim – william rast for target // sweater – gift // boots – madewell

this is one of those sweaters that i will never get rid of.  i want to wear it until it’s pilly and faded and maybe there’s a hole in the pocket.  i want to use it to shield taylor from the rain as we run from the car to the house or wrap zoey in it after she’s fallen asleep on her daddy’s lap.  i want to wear it so much that the kids make fun of it and mark begs me to choose something else.  and one day…a long time from now…i hope zoey finds this sweater hanging in the back of my closet… that she holds it up to her face and takes in the scent of patchouli and musk.  i hope it makes her smile and think of me. 

it’s one of those sweaters.


13 thoughts on “one of those sweaters.

  1. That is one damn good sweater! Wear that hole into it. That just gives it more character and makes it more special. Love this outfit!

  2. I’m in love with your fashion. I randomly found you by searching madewell archive boots since I’m interested in purchasing them for myself. You definitely rock them very well :)

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