oh sweet friday // vol 38

1/2/3 – we had monday off!  zoey and i played for a bit, then went for a nice walk while mark watched football and taylor overdosed on video games.  {ps.  zoey thinks anything with fur and four legs is a dog.  she totally lost her mind over those dogs horses.}
4 – our latest obsession – candy cane oreos.  sweet jesus, they are delicious.  
5 – what i wore on thursday. 
6 – tis the season for egg nog. 

i haven’t shared my favorite links in a while, but i’m always lurking around the web – pinning recipes i’ll never make, lusting over boots i can’t afford and visiting my favorite bloggers.  here’s a roundup of {a few of} my most recent faves.  enjoy!

 *several months ago, i sent Amanda this vintage/80s/thrifted dress.  she styled it perfectly

*thanks to my friend ashley, i am now completely obsessed with this app.  come play with me!  username: redhedpixie

*i think it’s time for a cleanse.  i’ll be doing some research this weekend.  the most pressing concern:  will i be able to “juice” an oreo? 

*guilty.  but hilarious.  like…omgwhydidntithinkofthishilarious.

*how cool are these?

*i’m determined to make these delicious looking hand pies.  wish me luck. 

i must go now.  all of this blogging is getting in the way of playing word games on my phone. 

happy friday!


2 thoughts on “oh sweet friday // vol 38

  1. I’m seriously nerd-ing out over the cleanse! I think I’ll do it after the new year!!! I’ve done smoothie cleanses before (Kaeng Raeng), but never just juice.

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