this weekend

…just didn’t go as planned.  zoey was not the least bit interested in sleeping {she stayed up for 12 hours straight on saturday!}, we still don’t have a tree or our decorations up, i didn’t do any christmas crafting and it was a very rainy, cloudy weekend…putting me in a lazy my wool socks and flannel pants are too cozy and the couch is calling my name and who cares if we don’t have any food in the house it takes an effort to drive to the store, damn it!  state of mind.  but when cheerios and frozen fish sticks are the only options…someone has to go and stock up.
so i left the house.  to get my hair trimmed and to get groceries.
the rest of the weekend was spent indoors…doing laundry, entertaining stir-crazy kids, organizing/editing my pinterest boards {don’t judge.  you do it, too.} and watching christmas movies.
also, i promised more photos of our thanksgiving trip to san francisco, but then i realized i’d probably be the only blogger still blogging about thanksgiving.
moving on!
here’s looking forward to a more productive week.



3 thoughts on “this weekend

  1. no, no it’s okay to still talk about thanksgiving!!! I’m sure I’m not the only one looking forward to those pics!! :)

    sounds like we had similar weekends!! I had grand plans to decorate/clean this weekend but the weather and a cold sidelined me. oh well!

  2. We don’t have any Christmas decor or tree up either. I feel like we are really slacking this year but oh well. It will get done one way or another. Sorry you guys had such a stir crazy weekend! I wore mostly pajamas all weekend too and it was lovely. Cheers to flannel pants!

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