currently // december


loving :: this holiday pandora station  //  this website for everything – fashion, home decor, beauty, etc.  //  maggie pate + tales of a tumbleweed on pinterest.

reading :: another outlandish tale of hollywood passion, porn and politics by jackie collins.  it’s called lady boss.  don’t judge. 

watching :: the usual.  there’s nothing new to report here.

thinking about :: how crazy it is that i’ve been blogging for THREE YEARS!  it’s time for a facelift…stay tuned.  and to those of you who have been following along this entire time – thank you!  and to the newbies…i do hope you’ll stick around. 

anticipating :: our trip to IL for christmas.  pumped.  i hopehopehopehopehope that it snows.

listening to :: what else, but holiday stations on pandora?  i heart christmas tunes. 

working on ::  counting to ten and using my inside voice.  ohmmmm

wishing for :: world peace

happy friday!


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