beauty // winter essentials

winter essentials
the changing of the seasons often means cracked knuckles, dry skin and lackluster hair.  i don’t know about you, but when the summer heat ends and cooler temps begin, i most definitely have to switch up my beauty routine and even swap out a few products. 
today, i’ve put together a list of my go-to winter essentials. enjoy!
1 – ole henriksen truth serum collagen booster is a non-oily, vitamin c skin booster.  it goes on light and gives my skin a healthy glow.  more importantly, it protects against nasty environmental aggressors {think polluted air and harsh weather} and provides the perfect amount of hydration. 
2 – laura geller spackle {under makeup primer} is a very light-weight liquid bronzer/primer that i LOVE LOVE LOVE.  please note: this is not foundation.  i hate foundation!  and if you know me well at all, you know that i don’t wear much makeup.  i’m a concealer, powder, blush, mascara, gloss kinda girl.  but this…is a product that i cannot live without.  it gives my pale skin a soft, sun-kissed glow that’s often hard to obtain in the winter months.  not only that, but because it’s a primer, my makeup lasts throughout the day.  try it! 
3 – yu be moisturizing skin cream is a glycerin-based lotion that was produced by a japanese pharmacist.  it contains ingredients that protect and soothe cracked/irritated skin {think lips, elbows, feet and hands.}  it also helps retain your skin’s moisture.  i received a small sample in a bluum box several months ago and now i’m hooked!  {i think it’s available at sephora, as well.}
4 – rosebud strawberry lip balm is a no brainer.  it smells yummy, keeps my lips super moisturized and comes in a vintage-inspired tin.  what’s not to love?!  and ps. this is a great stocking stuffer item!
5 – l’oreal evercreme nourishing shampoo is a new fave.  my hair tends to be dry {hello hair dryer, flat iron or curling iron nearly every day!} and with the dry winter months rapidly approaching, it’s only going to get worse.  however, since using this shampoo, my hair has been super soft and shiny!  i think i’m even going longer between washings.  bonus!  please note: i’ve heard that cream based shampoos aren’t a good match for oily scalps/hair, so this isn’t for everyone.  the good news is…it’s pretty inexpensive – if you try it and hate it…eh, no biggie. 
6 – sally hansen airbrush legs is soooo good.  i’m not a huge fan of diy spray tans, what with streaks and blotches and what not, but this stuff is easy!  just spray, rub and voila!  tan legs.  i keep it on hand for those days when i want to wear a skirt, but i don’t want to wear tights {or blind my coworkers with my white legs.}  it also does an amazing job of covering small imperfections – bruises, veins, etc.  and i promise…you will not look like magda in the middle of  february. 
ps.  this is not a sponsored post.   

3 thoughts on “beauty // winter essentials

  1. awesome tips! i love, love, love sally hansen air brush legs – it’s a staple for me in the summer since i’m super pale and allergic to self-tanners. winter is all tights, all the time for me though – hello icy winds!

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