the style // more is more

12.18.12 1

12.18.12 3

12.18.12 4
coat – nordstrom {old} // lace blouse – UO {similar} // skirt – vintage {similar}
necklace – dear golden vintage

i’m typically a less is more kinda girl, but lately…i’m kinda diggin the idea of more is more.  {baby steps}  i mean, why not reach for {faux} fur when thinking to yourself…what is this outfit missing?  because the obvious answer is fur.  duh.
so watch out, 2013 – if we make it past friday {hello, world ending in two days!!}  – this year is calling for a more is more kinda paige.

also, i’d like to give a shout out to the real star of this outfit – the bicycle shorts that i’m wearing under this ITCHY, WOOL skirt.  if not for their cotton-y protection, i would’ve been walking around scratching my butt all day.  not very becoming of a lady.

and ps.  to the potential haters lurking around…i am not neglecting my daughter and we are not on a busy street.  if it weren’t for us chasing her down and carrying her, kicking and screaming, back into the house…she would probably run off and join a pack of wolves.  she’s outdoorsy like that.


9 thoughts on “the style // more is more

  1. Bike shorts are definitely a saviour :) I thought the fur was part of the coat, it goes so well with it but it looks great over the outfit as well :) I also love the idea of your daughter running off to join a pack of wolves – she’d be the most adorable cub ever,

  2. I don’t think I can love an outfit any more than I do this one…your hair compliments all of it too. Bravo, my dear. So lovely. Is the stole from the coat?? Cheers.

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