sick day 3

sick day 2

sick day 4

sick day 5

sick day 1

hello again!  i’ve been meaning to share these photos for over a week or two, but with travelling and the holidays…they were sort of pushed to the side.  the week before we left, zoey got sick – cough, fever, congestion – it was no fun.  i stayed home with her one day, mark the other.  i took the rare opportunity of staying home during the week, with a baby who took a 3 hour nap, to do some crafting {gold painted mason jars to hold votives and a diy snow globe!} and other odds and ends.  *sorry…no photos of the crafting.  i’m not sure i need to teach anyone how to paint glass jars.   

1.  morning coffee
2.  our tree.
3.  “pick me, pick me!”
4.  i purchased little plastic animals to put inside the snow globes, but it was a bust…they wouldn’t stay glued to the lid!  so now zoey has new animal friends.
5.  what’s a sick day without my favorite sweater? 


6 thoughts on “captured

  1. I like the animal globe idea, sorry it didn’t work out for you. Have you thought of spray painting the animals whatcolor you like and hotgluing them onto a small poster and hanging them up on a wall? I saw it on pinterest once.

  2. That sweater is def. fave worthy!

    Sorry about the babe…we’ve been sick with the ick for a while now too.

    The naps are niiiice though!


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