vintage leather + polka dots

nye 3nye 2nye 4nye 1
nye 5
leather – vintage // peplum – target // denim – 7forallmankind // pumps – corso como
*what i wore to dinner on nye.

if  you’re looking for starsky & hutch meets 30-something working mom…you’ve found her. 

and speaking of moms, can i ask of you a teeny tiny little favor? {i’m batting my eyelashes, even.}    circle of moms is hosting another top 25 fashion & beauty moms of 2013 and i’ve been nominated!  last year i wound up in the top 10…thanks to you.  voting is open daily until january 21st.  to vote clickclickclick here, scroll down a bit {yeah, i know…we’ve got some catching up to do.  there are a lot of amazing moms out there!}, then click the orange vote button.  that’s it!  there’s nothing to sign up for, no username or password required.  i’d really appreciate your vote! 

happy friday!



16 thoughts on “vintage leather + polka dots

  1. freakin killing it here. KILLING IT. you rock the bell bottoms better than anyone. and this jacket? seriously. so good. love this whole look on you :)

  2. that’s some pretty badass leather you go there, lady! and you know i love a good pair of bells! totally digging the starsky & hutch meets mom look!

    • you! you’re for the roses! I was like… ooooo… who is this new blogger? I’m digging her blog. haha! thanks, cayce. I could totally see this jacket on you!

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