our weekend

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first of all…happy monday!  we had a pretty good weekend – we celebrated christmas {again!} with my dad and stepmom, did a little shopping, a little cooking, and of course.. a little relaxing.  but the most exciting news of all is that i finally got my phone fixed – the camera on my iphone had been broken for over 2 weeks!  i cannot even tell you how many times i reached for my phone to instagram my feet, or my coffee, or zoey doing something ridiculously cute…only to be rejected with an error message.  so many awesome moments undocumented…unfiltered…unliked.  sigh.  but here i am!  back in action.  to share bits of our weekend crammed into little squares of happiness.

1.  santa brought zoey a kitchen.  we love it!
2.  zoey + her papa.
3.  it’s actually a hiking backpack.  it works well for getting household chores done, too.
4.  i wouldn’t call it a resolution, but this year i am determined to cook things, make things, and wear things that i pin.  my first attempt was pretty successful – caprese panini + gwyneth paltrow’s no-fry fries. nom. 
5.  i’m not ashamed to admit that i’m that mother who has a mini case of OCD and watches, like a hawk, over her 16 month old as she eats.  sometimes not even letting her feed herself {i know, i know} so that she doesn’t make a huge mess.  but last night i was all…it’s 2013!  we make messes!  and since i’m making dinner, daddy has to clean up!  so…we made a mess.
6.  basil plants

 ps.  to those who have been voting {circle of moms top 25 fashion and beauty blogs} – thank you!!  remember…you can vote once every 24 hours.  click here to vote!

and cheers to a fabulous week.


7 thoughts on “our weekend

  1. i sooooooo hear you on the ocd and not letting your kid be messy when eating. Lily was never that kid in her high chair covered in pasta with sauce. just looking at Zoey like that makes me freak out a bit

  2. so glad you got your phone camera fixed! i know that had to be very aggravating! i laughed when i read what you said about being an OCD mom because that is one of my biggest fears about being a mom…i am SO OCD! it would definitely be challenging to “let go”….i am proud of you for doing it!! :)

  3. I couldn’t even imagine if my iphone camera wasn’t working, ugh! Sounds like a happy weekend, love Zoey’s onsie! I think your new year’s goal is very cool, trying new things is always good.

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