simple styling

1.6.13 a1.6.13 e
dress – ac clothing // scarf – kohl’s // booties – candies // cuff – thrifted vintage

this dress.  it’s a go-to for sure.  and although there’s not a whole lot of creative styling going on…sometimes the simplest of looks are my absolute favorites.  and also, bonus points for putting together an outfit that you don’t have to think about all day.  meaning – you’re not worried about shirt tucks or hem rolls or saggy tights or shirts layered under sweaters that bunch up around your elbow…right?!  it’s almost like you’re not wearing clothing at all.  {but you are, thank god.}

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16 thoughts on “simple styling

  1. totally agree. some times i get so worked up over outfits being the right kind of slouchy/rumpled/cool that i’m not comfortable anymore! but this is just great. i love the purple scarf with your hair :)

  2. I can’t believe I’m just now finding your blog. I think this is a stunning outfit on you and from one redhead to another you look amazing in purple. I can totally relate to wanting to wear something simple and easy that requires no effort and no rearranging. I can’t wait to go back and look through older outfit posts!

    • hi caitlin! thanks! oh my gosh…don’t go too far back…lol…i’ve been blogging for a few years now…my style has certainly evolved. ;)
      thanks so much for visiting!

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