gather west


several months ago, mark hired a dude named richard to help him redesign the malibu chamber of commerce website.  as they chatted and got to know one another, mark mentioned that i have a blog and then richard mentioned that his wife has a blog and then we checked out each other’s blogs and a connection was made.  i love how that happens.  

shortly after we met {online}, stacey contacted me and explained that she and her friend laurie were going into business together – photography business.  they needed subjects for their portfolio/website…would zoey and i be interested in doing a photo shoot?  um…hell yeah!  the decision was a no-brainer.  leading up to the shoot, we communicated back and forth about the deets – a bit boho, with a vintage-y feel, creamy colors and flower crowns.  sold. 

and although it was a dreary, rainy november day in southern california – the santa monica mountains and fall foliage lent us the perfect backdrop for a mother/daughter photo shoot and a few wedding related shots, as well {not shown.}  i absolutely love how the photos turned out. 

laurie and stacey are an awesome team.  both professional, but relaxed and easy to work with.  if you’re looking to hire photographers {or know someone who is} for your next event – from weddings to pregnancy shoots to photos of your children – please check out gather west photography.  click on the FAQ link for more information – they’re willing to travel!  not only that, but stacey and laurie offer custom photo booths and invitations

thanks for checking out my friends and their blogs and their businesses!  i like them.  i think you will, too.

ps.  please vote today!  i’ve added a link in the sidebar.  thanks!


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