oh sweet friday // vol 39

photo 1-7photo 2-7photo 3-6photo 4-4
1. we’re juicing! try this: beet, apple, pear, carrot, lemon and romaine lettuce.
2. i had the most delicious flatbread pizza for lunch – mushroom, caramelized onions, goat cheese and truffle oil. i may need to recreate this at home.
3. little wren got new shoes!
4. i tried something new with my nails. and guess what? it was something i pinned! i’m on a roll.

this week went by really fast!  so pumped for the weekend.  we’re celebrating a friend’s 40th tomorrow – sans kids!  that like, never happens.  wine, adults and…well…wine.  also, this week – taylor participated in his school’s geography bee – how cute is that?!  we weren’t allowed to attend, though…he says we’re embarrassing.  i’m bummed that we missed it, but secretly…i love being embarrassing. 

i don’t have any links to share this week, but if you don’t mind… please vote for me on the circle of mom’s top 25 fashion & beauty moms!   i dropped down to #26, so please help me out.  thanks!

happy weekending!


6 thoughts on “oh sweet friday // vol 39

  1. first of all- love the new blog look!
    second- voted!!
    and third- thanks for inspiring my new juice adventures! I haven’t bought a juicer yet but I’ve been branching out at my local health food store!

  2. i’m juicing too!! got a juicer for christmas. my old time favorite is carrot, apple and ginger. but, just made pear, kale and lemon. and yummy. be careful not to drink too many carrots. i turned an orangey hue once due to too much beta carotene

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