our weekend

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i don’t have much time to chat today, but thought i’d share a few photos from our totally awesome weekend.  i say totally awesome because for the first time in a long time, it was simply the best combination of getting stuff done, being social {yes!  i made it out of my sweats!}, and hanging out as a family {without stressing over homework or projects or something like that.} 

i hope you had a nice weekend, too!

ps.  i’m sure you’re noticing some changes…stay tuned as we tweak a few things here and there…i’ll let you know when the updates have been completed.

1.  juice this:  2 apples, 1 asian apple pear, 4 carrots, 3 beets, kale, spinach and 1 lemon – it was good!
2.  we had dinner with friends at umami burger.  delish. 
3.  it was a nice evening, but suuuuper creepy foggy.  
4.  farmer’s market-ing
5.  i made fresh flower arrangements! 
6.  and then we enjoyed an adult beverage. 

cheers to a lovely week!


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