that time i went to a blogger event

maxi 5maxi 4maxi 2maxi 3maxi 1jacket, bag – UO // maxi – anthropologie // converse – nordstrom // jewelry – flea market, gifts

i went to my first ever fashion/blogger-related event on saturday – the quiksilver spring 2013 launch party.  on the way there, i told my friend stacey i had no idea what to expect, that the invite mentioned makeovers, free booze + appies, a discount on the new line and that some of the guests would be “the industry’s most popular bloggers.”…i was skeptical.  who?!  not 15 minutes in, we spotted christina of trop rouge, dylana of color me nana, and samantha of could i have thatthat’s who.  like a smitten kitten, i approached christina and asked if she’d take a photo with me, then we chatted very briefly about the mannequin she was styling…should she go with the high waist flares?  {does a bear shit in the woods?}  christina was totally sweet and easy-going.  {and gorgeous.}  after that, i had a drink and got a little buzzed…thought about making a scene and yelling, “hello?!!  don’t any of you hipster fashion bloggers know who i am?!  where’s my dummy to style??…but i’m a lady, so i didn’t.  plus i was driving home, so i limited myself to one drink.  two drinks and i would’ve been stomping around the place like rupaul.  so yeah!  it was fun.  also, i bought this blouse.

and of course, that is what i wore {above.}  there’s just something about tennis shoes with a dress.  am i right?  so cute, so fun, so laid back. i could live in this outfit.   

*if you wanna check out more photos from the event, search #backyardcharm and #qsmalibu on twitter and instagram.

happy monday, friends! 


11 thoughts on “that time i went to a blogger event

  1. this is the PERFECT outfit. good heavens. don’t think i’m not stealing this look from you because I WILL. and frankly i think all the industry’s most popular bloggers should know you :)

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