oh sweet friday // vol 40

friday 2{image}

peace out, week.  {i love this photo – the styling, the colors…it’s absolutely perfect.}

anyway…happy friday, friends!  thought i’d share a few links:

*i started a new {group} board on pinterest – things moms lovecheck it out!  it could end up being a really good resource, with reviews of products and such.  if you’re a mommy and you’d like to join, let me know.  would love to have you!

*speaking of moms + kiddos… if you’re looking for a unique gift idea – maybe for a grandparent {or yourself!} – visit kidz can design.  cute concept!

*dying over this adorable sailor outfit

*just purchased this nail kit from julep!  looking forward to a much-needed girl’s night in – wine, appies, good conversation, fun nails, and my bestie.  can’t wait.

*rashida jones {girl crush alert!} – she’s gorgeous, has pretty hair, and is on one of my favorite shows.  i love this interview she did with dawn o’porter.  adorable!  {i really can’t get enough of the conversation.}

*sometimes fashion is rough and tough.  it’s gritty.  it’s hard-working.  it’s outdoorsy.  that being said, i’m totally smitten and pleasantly surprised with the carhartt women’s blog/line.  i say pleasantly surprised because, growing up, carhartt was mainly worn by the farm boys and the hunters.  not any more!  the women’s line is full of chambray, flannel, and cute jackets.  check out the blog for diy’s, style and interesting articles on chicks who get shit done.  also, if you have an interesting craft or trade…you could be featured on their blog! 

*this new to me blogger is pretty dang cute.  harvesting gold // sun spots

*cutest family, cutest photos

*just in time for vday!  decorate your desktop with these love inspired wallpapers.

and some thoughts:  i’m not sure about vine.  i’ve made a couple of videos, but…meh.  i simply cannot let myself get wrapped up in yet another social media app.  also, on style blogging – i’m loving it.  i can’t do it every day {timing, kids, etc}, but when i do have time…it’s been fun, i’ve missed it.  expect more!  and lastly, i’m thinking about going the ombre route with my hair…thoughts?  i like this

 okay…enjoy!  and have a lovely weekend.


8 thoughts on “oh sweet friday // vol 40

  1. yes, to the ombre hair!!!! but I must sound like the bratty hairdresser for a moment here- ombre done right is really hard to do, so make sure you have a good hairdresser who feels confident doing it- I’ve seen some ombres gone bad and it’s not pretty! having said that, I say yes, go for it!! it will look fabulous on you!!!!!

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