on happiness and fame

highwaist 1highwaist 5highwaist 2highwaist 4highwaist 3kimonosimilar // vintage blouse + pants – from a friend // booties – similar // hat – marshall’s // necklaces – flea market, UO, clyde’s rebirth

for the most part, i’d say i’m a pretty happy person.  things often make me happy – a great book, a perfect cup of jo, a cheesy burger with greasy fries, a funny tv show, an amazing find at the thrift store.  things.  and people, too.  but there was a moment yesterday that filled my heart with so much happiness.  i mean, i really felt thankful and blessed.  i felt good about our family and who we are.  because yes, we argue and we have bad days.  days when taylor is rude and irresponsible or not staying on top of his homework, days when zoey is super cranky and difficult, days when mark and i just aren’t on the same page {no pun intended.}  and even though some weeks are tough, you hope to have a moment on the weekend when everyone is just…vibing.  we had that moment on sunday.  it was fleeting, but i stopped to take it in…to take note of how awesome it was.  we had just come home from the farmer’s market… mark left to get his haircut… the kids and i were in the kitchen – i was cleaning and putting away fresh fruits and vegetables, zoey was sitting in her high chair, eating lunch, blabbing on about spoons and doggies, taylor was sitting at the kitchen table putting together a model transformer-type character.  every now and then he’d stop to show me certain pieces and explain what they do.  no tv.  no video games.  i wasn’t instagramming my bounty.  we were talking and listening to music.  it was a very simple moment, but it made me feel so great inside.

later that day, we stepped outside to snap a few photos… i kid you not, there were 10 kids out there.  and their parents.  {normally our street is a ghost town.}  the adults were craning their necks to see what we were up to, but the kids rolled over on their scooters and lined up behind mark.  the little girls were whispering and giggling.  i’m telling you, there’s nothing worse than being judged by a 6-year-old.  throw me up on a blogger slaughtering website any day – a live audience is worse.  i almost buckled under the pressure of those probing eyes, until i heard one of the girls say to mark, “why is she fashion modeling?  can we watch?”  and then to hear mark try to explain that i take pictures and share them on the internet…ridiculous.  humorous.  but we continued.  and then one of the girls yelled at me, “we love your fashion dresses.”  i melted.  it was adorable.  {and here’s where i confess:  we often snap 2 or 3 outfits on the weekend because we don’t have time during the week.  you’ll see the “fashion dresses” in a couple of days.}

so that’s my story.  on happiness and fame. 

have a fabulous monday!


7 thoughts on “on happiness and fame

  1. Just beautiful. I love those moments too. The simple ones. Sometimes during the most insignificant moment in the day, I swear my heart will burst with happiness.

    Can I just say, that I swear your are one of the most brilliant beauties I have the pleasure of knowing? HELLO. Please come here soon. xx

  2. Love love love this look. Great job and a round of applause to your hubby for capturing your peaceful moment. If I would have had an audience I would have ran inside my house. Lol


  3. I had that exact moment Saturday morning. I woke up at 8, Adam was out of the house already working out. The dogs let me sleep in a bit. I let them out, walked them and came back inside. Slowly made french press coffee while music played. As I made it, I’d pause to play the dogs who were behaving themselves. It was bright inside, with the sun pouring in. It was perfect. If most mornings were like that, I’d easily be more of a morning person. It was heavenly.

    I love that scenario with the kids in your neighborhood. I’m starting to work on my style more and posting a few outfit pictures. Hoping to get 2-3 a week. I don’t put any effort into my outfits most of the time, but when I know I’m taking photos, I do. I love it. But taking photos outside makes me SO self-conscious. I feel like the neighbors must think I’m crazy. Honestly, I bet those little girls want to be just like you!

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