currently // february {and giveaway winner announced!}

dresspantscollage1dresspantscollage2top:  look 1 // look 2
botton:  look 1 // look 2

loving :: dresses over pants.  although, i’m finding that there are all these “rules.”  for example:  the dress should come to the knee or just above – if it’s too long, you’ll look like a hippie {and?!}  also, the jeans shouldn’t be too baggy.  i say eff that.  i was trying on a dress recently and thought the baggy cut of the dress with my flared jeans looked incredibly awesome – like something you might find in a free people catalogue.  any thoughts on this combo?  i’ve put together a few looks {in my head} and you may see them on the blog in the near future.

reading :: i cannot wait to get my hot little hands on the kiss (witch and wizard) by james patterson.  the critics are saying that if you loved the hunger games and twilight – this is a must-read.  has anyone read it?

watching :: it’s not for everyone, but lately i am so into infested and fatal attractions on animal planet.  infested is based on true accounts of creepy crawlies and animals invading people’s homes!  eek!  it gives me the heebie jeebies, but it’s gnarly fun.  fatal attractions is basically about people who think they can raise and domesticate wild animals.  inevitably, the owner gets eaten or attacked and the animal – put down.  it’s sad, actually.  but sort of fascinating.  

thinking about :: re-opening barefoot & vintage on etsy.  it’s a lot of work, but i have a crap ton of clothing, shoes and home goods in the garage.  they need to find vintage-loving owners! 

anticipating :: my mom and her bff are flying out from IL in may!  i can’t wait to take a couple of days off work and do touristy things around town.  that and i miss my mama.  it’ll be good to spend time with her.

listening to :: songza!  awesome 80s/90s playlists.  i love old school.  but there are also some really great indie and mainstream channels. 

working on :: a couple of clothing-related diys.  hopefully i’ll get to one or two of them this weekend so i can share with ya’ll next week!

wishing for :: a date night with mark.  a sexy one.  like red lips and bottles of wine and dinner by candlelight kinda sexy.  {sorry, parents.  tmi?}

also, i apologize for being mia this week.  i think i mentioned that mark was in tahoe for 5 days – skiing with his pals and sleeping in and not changing diapers or getting up in the middle of the night with a baby who wakes up screaming because she’s sleeping the width of her bed and that’s not comfortable so naturally you scream.  yeah…he had a nice mini vacay.  i’m totes jealous.  {more on this later…i’m planning to write/vent/rant about it.  not that he went on vacation, but the part about me being alone with a crazy toddler for 5 days and nights…how i handled and didn’t handle it.  kudos to you, single moms.}  where was i?  oh yes…mia.  absence does make the heart grow fonder, so blogging has been on the back burner. 

and now…drumroll please!  the winner of the gage huntley designs giveaway:


congrats, charlene!  i will give your email address to amanda and she’ll be in touch soon.

thanks to all who entered! 

happy thursday, friends.

{as always, this post was inspired by kelly of our lovely lives.}


5 thoughts on “currently // february {and giveaway winner announced!}

  1. love the second and third look, i am very acquainted with dresses over pants. i wore them to death in the nineties. but in a grungy/marc jacobs for perry ellis sort of way. i love dresses over pants and i think it just depends on the look you are going for as far as the width/style of the pant. you of course will totally rock this.
    also, yeah, props to all the single mamas. hate when Will is away and it’s all on me.

  2. I love the dresses over pants thing- I do it all of the time because I don’t love my legs bare, so it’s either tights or pants! I say go with whatever! I have seen some amazing a-line dresses with flared pants- it’s all about attitude!! A dress like the first and last one over those freaking amazing flared jeans you have that I totally covet would be gorgeous!!

    also, yes to opening Barefoot and Vintage again on Etsy. :)

    I hope you get that date night soon! :)

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