keepin’ it real.


sweater, bag, wedges – thrift finds // joe’s jeans // hat – ? // sunnies – j simpson

zoey has been sick for the last several days – some sort of stomach flu or bug.  whatever it is, it’s nasty.  we stayed in bed all day on saturday.  literally…all. day.  it seemed like she was feeling better by sunday afternoon, so we stepped outside for some fresh air.  aaaand then sunday night was horrible.  lots of diaper changes throughout the night, resulting in only a few hours of restless sleep.  the good news is that she’s on the mend – lots of water, as little dairy as possible and plenty of tlc on that sore little booty of hers.  {i apologize if you’re not a mama and this was tmi.  i’m just keeping it real.  my life isn’t all flowy hair, duck face and maxi skirts.}

it’s actually a shame we were stuck indoors most of the weekend.  the weather in southern california was absolutely amazing – spring-like!

happy monday!  here’s hoping for a healthier week.


4 thoughts on “keepin’ it real.

  1. Aww yuck! Hope everyone feels better soon! We’re battling nasty green snot and coughing over here. At least your weather is nice! I think we’re bound for more snow : (

  2. These photos are soo cute, that last one is my FAVORITE with Zoey running into the picture. You are such a hot mama and I’m so glad she’s feeling better, sounds so rough :/ Stomach flus are shitty for adults, can’t imagine how hard it is for babies, poor little one!

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